In the beginning, before extensions were and offered product, we provided hair services to people who wanted these new trendy styles but couldn't pay the celebrity stylist price or didn't necessarily have the best quality hair. But, we made whatever they brought to the table work. People began to see that they were paying lower prices for the same service offered, and IT LOOKED GOOD! The clients started saying that we "finessed the style," or they don't know how we made it work, but "it was finessed." Hence, the beginning of Weave Finesser LLC.


Weave Finesser LLC. began as a "side hustle," with an initial goal to help with the financial struggles of a young college student. Though the motivation hasn't changed, the aspiration grew. Our business believes that everyone can and deserves to feel beautiful. We offer top quality products that assist in enhancing each customer's beauty. In the beginning, our set demographic was our local community. Which took complete advantage of what we offered. One day we realized that we needed to share this with more than just our local community. We needed to mainstream our services to optimize our impact. And that’s exactly what we went out and did!